Partnership Spotlight: Qantas introduces Classic Rewards Plus

Zenith Payments is a proud partner of Qantas and Qantas Business Rewards. With the launch of Qantas Classic Plus Flight Rewards on 8 April, our partnership has become even more rewarding for our clients.

Qantas is making waves with the announcement of Classic Plus Flight Rewards,  adding over 20 million more reward seats for Qantas frequent flyers.

Classic Plus Flight Rewards have widespread availability giving travellers more choice of when and where they want to fly using Qantas Points. The amount of points you need to book reward seats varies, fluctuating like a commercial fare. Classic Plus Flight Rewards are available to every Qantas International destination flying from 1 July 2024 with domestic to follow by the end of the year.  This offers fantastic value as the points needed can vary based on the airfare price, offering big savings during off-peak times and early bookings.

Classic Plus seats can be booked with fewer points than the Points Plus Pay option, and they’re even upgradable to first class! This new tier also offers more flexible fare conditions, allowing for mixed cabin bookings, a perk not available with Classic Rewards.

"I was thrilled to join Qantas at their headquarters in Sydney for the announcement of the Classic Plus Flight Rewards program. The new Frequent Flyer program opens a world of opportunities for Qantas loyal customers. Our partnership with Qantas has always been about rewarding our customers and clients, and with these exciting changes, we're now able to offer even more value. There has never been a more rewarding time to make and receive payments across many of our Zenith Payments brands. We look forward to hearing stories from our clients and customers on where their Qantas Points have taken them!"
Peter Egglestone
CEO Zenith Payments

B2B Pay

Our partnership allows Australian businesses to earn Qantas Business Reward points for making and receiving payments. Now, with the Classic Plus Flight Rewards program, our clients can make their business payments even more rewarding.

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"To celebrate this exciting news, B2BPay is offering an exclusive promotion. Sign up now and earn 30% more Qantas Points on card payments, plus score 10,000 bonus Points when you pay $50,000 or more via bank account. It's never been easier to turn everyday business payments into your next business or first-class trip!"
Jane Grant
Marketing Director Zenith Payments


TravelPay is a secure online payment portal for the travel industry, and offers Australian travel agents and travel suppliers the opportunity to earn Qantas points for accepting payments. Our partnership with Qantas Business Rewards enhances the value we provide to our member, allowing them to earn Qantas points while receiving payments securely and hassle-free.

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"We are proud of our longstanding partnership with Qantas and the value it brings to our members. Together, we are constantly looking for ways to enhance our members’ experience and provide them with more opportunities to earn rewards."
Cath Bisaro
Head of TravelPay & Travel Pay B2B

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