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Our approach to work, our customers and each other is embodied in our Zenith values.

Kim Harding OAM


Kim Harding OAM (M Comm) is the founder and owner of Zenith Payments. Kim has 40 years of experience in business and marketing.

Andrea Slark

Executive Chairman

Andrea was recently appointed as Chairman of Zenith Payments in July 2023.

Executive & Leadership Team

Peter Egglestone

Chief Executive Officer, Zenith Payments

Peter was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Zenith Payments in July 2023.

Adam Harris

Chief Operating Officer & Chief Finance Officer, Zenith Payments

Adam has been the Chief Financial Officer of Zenith Payments since May 2014.

Kevin Butler

General Manager, Payments division

Kevin has worked with Zenith Payments for over 18 years and heads up the Payments division.

Michelle Rowcliff

General Manager, Prepaid Cards division

Michelle was appointed General Manager of the Prepaid Cards division in October 2017.

Vanessa Green

Head of Sales, Zenith Payments

Vanessa was appointed Head of Sales at Zenith Payments in February 2015

Marie Iatsenta

Director, Rental Rewards & Property Pay

Marie was appointed Director – Rental Rewards & Property Pay at Zenith Payments in May 2017.

Cath Bisaro

Head of TravelPay & TravelPay B2B

Cath has worked with Zenith Payments for over five years and is the Head of TravelPay and TravelPay B2B.

Jane Grant

Marketing Director, Payments division

Jane has worked with Zenith Payments for over five years and manages product and marketing for the Payments division.

Chandan Pansare

Head of Technology, Zenith Payments

Head of Technology, Chandan joined Zenith Payments in 2014 and leads the software development team.

Kane McMonigle

Senior Sales Manager, Payments division

Kane was appointed Senior Sales Manager of B2Bpay, School EasyPay and Thoroughbred Payments in 2017.

James Bult

Sales Manager, Prepaid Cards division

James joined Zenith Payments in 2015, initially to build and manage the Victorian business, and moving to a national focus in early 2021.

Lawrence Montgomery

Manager New Business, Prepaid Cards division

Lawrence Montgomery (Monty to most) was appointed Manager, New Business – Prepaid in 2022 having previously held senior sales roles within the Corporate Prepaid Cards team.