Corporate Prepaid Cards launches FAREPAY CARD

an innovative prepaid card for corporate travel

We are excited to announce the launch of the FAREPAY Universal Transport Card. Designed to eliminate time-consuming travel expense management, it’s the perfect solutions for improving control and transparency over travel costs.  

Unlike taxi cards that are limited to one mode of transport, FAREPAY CARD can be used on:   

  • Taxis 
  • Rideshare services like Uber and DiDi 
  • Pulic transport 
  • Domestic travel in Australia. 
“Businesses, employees, and community care organisations can all benefit from FAREPAY to streamline expense management and guarantee safe and convenient travel.”
Michelle Rowcliff
Head of Corporate Prepaid Cards

Benefits of using FAREPAY card:  

  • Staff safety: Ensure staff get home safely as FAREPAY CARD enables them to pay for their preferred transport. 
  • More choice of transport: FAREPAY CARDS can be used for taxis, rideshares, buses, and more. 
  • Strong brand reinforcement: Personalise your cards with your company logo. 
  • Quick delivery: Digital and emailed cards are sent same-day to enable instant use. 
  • Wide range: Choose between emailed, digital, plastic or combined digital + plastic card. Available as single-load, reloadable or zero balance. 
  • Enhanced expense management: Order and manage via Corporate Prepaid Cards Client Portal. Top-up cards up to $9,999 with automated options. 
  • Controlled spending: Spending limited to funds available on the card.  
  • Avoid time-consuming reimbursements: Employees no longer need to cover out-of-pocket expenses. 
  • Secure: Cards can be suspended and replaced if lost for enhanced security. 
  • Easy reporting and reconciliation with transaction export features. 

Want to find out more on how your business can improve control and transparency over travel costs?

"Corporate Prepaid Cards has been a valuable asset to our business. The company is very easy to work with, responsive, and happy to assist for any queries. I would totally recommend this company!"
Mandy Dexter
Central Queensland

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